As a busy working mom, I fully understand the crazy schedules and the struggle to incorporate good food choices without running to the drive thru.

Body image and weight issues have been a lifelong battle for me. I too struggled with poor food choices, fad diets and quick fixes. Exercise for punishment & not enjoyment. It all led back to my original weight gain.

Change didn’t happen overnight. Incorporating a shift in my mindset, a supportive network and accountability all played a role.

I am here to share my best tips and practices with you to learn how to find time to nourish your soul while being present & giving to others.

You will leave empowered to take full charge of your life & the ripple effect will change the lives around you!

Losing weight will be the by-product of what you learn from our sessions together!

Mindful Eating is just as easy as Mindless Eating

My Coaching Program Covers:


– how to read nutrition labels

– grocery shopping 101

– meal prepping/planning

– nurturing healthy relationships

– stress management + sleep quality

– morning + evening routines

– exercise that you enjoy

– crowding out cravings

– decluttering the home + kitchen

– healthy travel habits

– digestion + gut health

What You Will Experience:


– weight loss

– improved digestive function

– decreased stress levels

– improved relationships with peers, friends, and family

– improved cognitive function

– clearer sense of self

– more freedom around food choices

I can’t prescribe you Medication but I can prescribe you Meditation

Book a FREE 30-minute discovery call and see if we are a good fit for my 1:1 health coaching. You can schedule a call here! We will chat freely about what your current struggles are and how we can work together to begin your journey where you envision your highest self.