My journey to get healthy and fit happened as it does with most moms….after we have kids! We want to set a good example plus we need the energy to keep up with their demands and our health must be a priority because when mom is sick, everyone panics! 

I struggled with my weight well into my young adulthood but I was ready to make the commitment to change. I basically educated myself at the beginning with nutrition and found 30-minute workouts from home (Hello, Jillian Michaels!) lost the baby weight plus an additional 20 lbs and my dedication & inspiration just grew from there. My passion to get healthy and fit crossed over into the kitchen. I did grow up Italian with lots of home cooking going on so it wasn’t hard to adapt. I just had to find a way to create our beloved meals in a more healthy way, and that is when My Fit Life was born!

I love sharing my simple healthy recipes for the busy mom (parent) and find it fun & in a way therapeutic to create new healthy simple recipes.  I have a major sweet tooth so creating recipes where I could enjoy dessert again was a must! On my blog, you will find an array of recipes from breakfast, dinner, (vegetarian/vegan options) snacks and lots of desserts plus meal prep tips as I fully believe that planning is a great way to reach your health & fitness goals! 

My passion crossed over and I became a certified group fitness instructor with ACE, a personal trainer through AAAI and TRX certified. January 2020 is when my Yoga Teaching Training beings too! I am not a Registered Dietician (I give tons of credit to those who are!) However, I am working on my Nutrition Certification with ACE slated for 12/2019 so I can educate my clients more with their own nutrition goals.

When I am not creating recipes or fitness plans you can find me hanging with my family at the beach, bike riding, walking our boxer Rocco or traveling which is a must! I have 2 kids, Rachel (15) Nicholas (12) and married to my husband Todd since 2003 (we even dated in high school!) I enjoy reading, travel, yoga, good wine and anything peanut butter and chocolate and refuse to ever give any of it up! Also slightly obsessed with Justin Timberlake since N’sync days and always will be.

I hope you enjoy My Fit Life Blog and find some yummy recipes to create at home with your family too! My goal is to keep the ingredients healthy but simple so you have time to enjoy life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle! 

Media kits are available upon request, you can reach me at hello@cherisemazur.com

Xo, cherise