Easy & Affordable Pantry Staple Meals

One of the most popular questions my clients ask me is what are quick easy meals I can put together on a busy weeknight? I love turning to pantry staples as these are affordable, accessible, and healthier options than running to the drive-thru.

Beans are great to have for quick meals or add in’s to dishes that supply you with fiber and protein. Potatoes used to get a bad rap because they are ‘carbs’, but potatoes are nutritious and you can even go with sweet, purple, Japanese, or Russett. Whatever you like! Hummus is great to have on hand along with cut-up veggies for an easy taco meal. So many ways!

Check out 4 simple healthy meals that are great for those busy weeknight dinners and great for traveling too. I found these from Forks over Knives (they are a great source for recipes) Be sure to check their full blog below for more tips and tricks when traveling and how to eat healthy on a budget.

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No slow cooker is needed for this chili recipe. Simply zap the sweet potatoes in the microwave with your seasonings, add beans and kale, and voilá! Spoon everything over brown rice and you’ll have a crave-worthy meal ready in a matter of minutes.

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Ready in a flash, these tasty veggie wraps will fuel you through everything on your travel itinerary. Crunchy carrots, bell peppers, and cucumber are arranged over a thick slather of hummus, sprinkled in hot sauce, and rolled up in whole wheat tortillas. What’s not to love?

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Potatoes, kidney beans, and fresh salsa join forces in this microwave recipe to create a quick and comforting meal. Lemon juice adds brightness, while paprika brings a warm flavor to round out this satisfying bowl. Feel free to add any extra frozen veggies you have on hand.

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Tacos in the microwave? You bet! This hearty recipe is packed full of savory black beans, sweet corn, smoky Southwest spices, and fresh toppings. Your favorite taco shop won’t feel so far away when you have this recipe in your back pocket.

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