6 Stress Relief Methods

Stress is inevitable. It’s impossible to get through life without it. But, stress doesn’t have to mean struggle. There are many ways to manage your stress so that it doesn’t have an overwhelming impact on your hormonal health. What I like to tell my clients is that most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is. 

Adjust your attitude. 

Change how you see things. 

Look for the good in all situations.

Take the lesson and find new opportunities to grow.

Let all the extra stress, worrying, and overthinking just go.

Now, I know this can be easier said than done. I get that! But just starting with this mindset can start to shift your stressful reactions to a more peaceful one. One that doesn’t harm your overall health. After all, we always hear that stress is a killer and it’s not a lie. 

Below I am sharing 6 methods that can help with your stress relief too. Sometimes, just slowing down is what the body needs to get out of that fight or flight response. It’s ok to be there for a short period of time, say when someone cuts you off and you swerve off the road. Your body reacts to stress but then it goes back to its natural state. Its when we are constantly in that fight or flight response that the harmful effects start to take place. 


● Don’t expect perfection or a completely clear mind. Instead, strive for mindfulness, simply noticing your thoughts. 

● Start slowly…for 5 minutes a day. 

● Increase by 5 minutes every 1-2 weeks. 

● 45 minutes is a great end goal. 

● Use apps or online programs for guidance (I love the CALM app)


●Journal on successes, hopes, dreams, and goals. 

● Try gratitude journaling. (I use this one)

● Focus on the positive.

Gentle Yoga

Ekhart Yoga

● Yoga can relieve nervous tension in muscles and joints. 

● Try it right before bed to help your body settle into a restful sleep. 

● Use online resources. (YouTube has great ones that are FREE!)

Social Connection

● Spend time with positive, loving people. 

● Focus on genuine friendships. 

● For extroverts, create space for regular social activities.

Reframe Stressful Situations

● Use a more positive viewpoint to make stress less damaging. 

● “Why is this happening for me?” (vs “to me”) 

● Embrace your own strength.

Go on a “News Fast”

● Avoid news, social media, etc. to help reframe stress (I stopped watching the news years ago and I noticed my stress and anxiety decrease a lot!) 

Which ones will you try? Just pick a few that you feel resonate best with you first. Then try the others. Who knows, you surprise yourself with what works best!

And if you are looking for ways to help implement a more stress-reducing lifestyle, gain more energy and lose weight schedule a FREE health coaching call with me today.

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