5 Tips to Survive the Weekend

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, right?! (cue Rhianna!)

Who doesn’t like to kick back and enjoy the weekend – especially after a long week of work, meal prepping, and workouts? (or is that just me?! LOL!) But seriously, when you are on a health & fitness journey with goals tacked up on your fridge, you don’t want to sabotage them in 2 days but you also want to enjoy yourself with friends and family. I totally get it! 

Weekends can seem unstructured and wild. But remember, you control your destiny. So with a little planning, your goals will stay on track while you still enjoy your weekends. Let’s get started with my 5 tips for surviving the weekend! 

Check Your Schedule

As the weekend approaches check your schedule. 

Birthday party for Aunt June? 

Date Night? 

Girls’ night out? 

Start to note the times in your weekend that you will have to plan a meal and/or your workout. Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean that your goals have to fall to the side. Come Monday it will be harder to get back on track and a feeling of defeat may start to creep in. This can lead to throwing your hands up and we don’t want all your hard work dismissed.

Plan It Out

Now that you have checked your schedule, pencil in those times for your workout and healthy meals. If you know that you are going out to a restaurant, check the menu online ahead of time. Start to plan what you will choose to eat. Some tips that I like to keep in mind is to order meals grilled, broiled, or baked. Stay away from fried or the word ‘smothered’ – which often means an excessive amount of cream and butter. When ordering a salad, ask for the dressing on the side. Olive oil and balsamic or lemon are great options. Most dressings are filled with sugars and conventional oils that lead to inflammation. If pasta is the side dish swap for steamed or grilled veggies. I find veggies leave me feeling less bloated and satisfied so I won’t overindulge like I would with pasta.

Most meals today are at least 2 servings if not more. Portion your meal in half when you get it and ask for a bag to wrap the rest in to enjoy the next day. Or better yet, split with a friend. Another tip I like is to order off of the appetizer menu. The portions are smaller and you can try 2-3 items. By checking out the menu ahead of time you will have a game plan set before you even get there!

When it comes to alcohol alternate between drinks with water. Give your liver a chance to flush out the toxins. Wines do have sugar so be mindful of your servings. If you prefer hard alcohol pair it with seltzer and fresh-squeezed lime/lemon or muddled fruit. Keep the fruit juice to a light splash if at all.

Take Action!

You have prepped and planned for the event. Now take action on it! Stick with your decision on what to order. Get that workout in. Drink plenty of water before. Eat your planned meals and even a light healthy snack before you leave. 

Raw veggies and hummus.

Fruit and nuts.

Hard-boiled egg & avocado.

So you don’t show up hungry and completely forget your plan of action because you are now ‘Hangry’ and just want to eat your cravings! Keep your blood sugar stable so you make rational decisions with your head and not your stomach. Also, focus on being social and enjoying who you are with and not so much about the food. It takes the pressure off a little.

Eye on the Prize

Take a moment and reflect on your journey. How far you have come. What your goals are next. A night out with friends can bring pressure to indulge in your old habits. Maybe your friends are not on the same journey as you, and that is ok. But this is your journey, not theirs. Hopefully, they are ride-or-die friends and respect your journey, not derail it. Remember some of the helpful tips from the Plan it Out action above. 


It may seem hard at first, but the more you incorporate these tips the easier it gets. Soon enough it is just your new way of life and you will forget about your wild drunken days! (ok maybe not totally forget LOL!) But seriously, I was there myself. Trying to navigate the new healthy habits that I knew were going to serve me so much better in the long run. Did everyone understand? Nope. But after a while, I stop caring about what others thought and put me first. Eventually, they come around and respect your decisions, and some even hop on board!

Soon you will be a pro at knowing the best choices to order when eating out that makes you feel your best. That doesn’t mean to never have the cake again! Life is meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy it, mindfully with your goals always at the forefront. All your prep work is about balance, not perfection.

You got this – now go enjoy your weekend! 

Do you have other helpful tips that you use to help you stay on track during the weekends? Comment below and let us know!

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