Does Milk Really Provide Calcium?

Milk does a body good! You need your calcium, drink milk! How many of you heard this growing up? I know I did and still do! Let’s break down how the marketing companies want you to think that you need to drink your milk to build bones. If humans need to drink milk for calcium, how do cows produce calcium? They don’t. They eat it.

Where do we see cows grazing? Out in the fields eating grass, right? Guess what, that is where the calcium comes from! Leafy greens, like grass. Calcium is a mineral found in soil and absorbed into plants through their roots. So, why don’t we eat plants for calcium then? Hmmm….the dairy campaigns have something to do with that.

Did you know….

When consuming dairy products like milk and cheese, 33% and 66% of the calcium is lost, umm, through urinary elimination. Whereas, when you consume plant-based foods containing calcium, your body uses up to 60% of their calcium contents. And if you want to the planet a solid, know that meat and milk production require the highest amount of water used, whereas plant based products use half the volume of water for production.

A fun fact that the dairy companies leave out is that you need magnesium to absorb calcium and both of these essential nutrients are found in plant foods. They work together beautifully this way! So while we have been lead to believe that calcium comes from milk and other dairy products, it is found in plant sources that contain higher nutrients, less saturated fats, and no added sugars, which can be found in dairy products.

If you love your milk, that’s ok too! Just don’t consume it thinking you are getting your adequate calcium intake. Try adding in more leafy greens to your diet. Your over all health will thank you! (just maybe not the dairy companies LOL!)

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