My Top Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Picks!

So this post started out with my top 5 TJ Pumpkin Picks, but then I quickly realized there was no way that I could contain it to just 5! Let’s be real! LOL! It may be only September but the pumpkin craze has long begun and I am leading the train!

While you can find pumpkin products almost everywhere this time of year, Trader Joe’s is my official pumpkin headquarters and the official start to the pumpkin craziness that ensues in my house!

Shall we begin?!

Family Favorite!

This is the product that started my pumpkin craze at TJ’s – their infamous walks into a bar cereal bar collection. My kids count down to when these are released and then I stock up with at least 4 boxes at each visit during the season. This way we continue to enjoy them well after the pumpkin craze is gone. Great for lunch box or office desk snack!

Another original fave, pumpkin waffles! I buy extra of these as well and hide a box for me to enjoy! (sshh..) My kids are waffle fanatics! I do like to make mine own but enjoy these for those lazy Sunday’s or really any day when cooking from scratch just isn’t happening! I have yet to see a gluten-free version for those who prefer GF products. Maybe soon?!

Speaking of Gluten-Free, new this year is their pumpkin bagels available in a GF option! You get less in a pack and they cost slightly more but worth it if you live a GF life. I stuck with the original, as I know I like them. There is nothing like a toasted bagel and coffee on a cool, crisp Fall morning!

MyFitLifeTip: Individually wrap them and freeze to enjoy later on. Not a bagel fan, they also have a seeded pumpkin bread that is out of this world!

Ok, we couldn’t talk bagels without cream cheese! I could seriously eat this with a spoon from the container! (don’t judge, I might have already!) It’s that good! Don’t stop at a bagel either, this pumpkin cream cheese can be mixed in as a sauce or a yummy cream cheese frosting over baked goods! Not a cream cheese fan, no worries there is a pumpkin butter option too!

Speaking of cream cheese sauce, I am thinking of trying it out with their pumpkin ravioli! Or the way I originally enjoy them is drizzled with olive oil, toasted pumpkin seeds, and grated parm cheese – Yum! It’s a small serving for 2 so great for an appetizer!

Chocolate & pumpkin, need I say more?! This one is GF with dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds. I like to call it a healthy treat! Break it up and toss it in your yogurt for a yummy breakfast treat!

Ok, it’s not all about the food, I do have some bath & body pumpkin faves too! Pumpkin Body Butter not only smells AH-mazing it is so soft and buttery on your skin – great for dry skin weather coming up!

Another new product I found this year was the pumpkin facial mask! I love these pre-fit masks and like to pretend that I am away at a spaaaaa…until the kids come in or yell from downstairs for something! Stocking up on these so I can enjoy them in the winter months when my skin is parched!

You know that this list can go on for a while! But so far this year these are my top fav finds. Honorable mentions would be the Pumpkin O’s, pumpkin tortilla chips, harvest salsa & hold the cone pumpkin ginger.

Now, I will say some of these products are great to enjoy in moderation. Don’t ruin your health & fitness progress for pumpkin mania (I tell myself every year!) stock up so you can enjoy throughout the season, freeze what you can and enjoy your pumpkin responsibly!

Do you have a fave pumpkin product not listed? Let me know, I am always looking to try new ones! Is your fave listed above – do tell! Until next years TJ’s haul……may you enjoy Pumpkin Season 2019 in good health & fun!

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