COVID-19 Update March 2020 – Graduation class has been postponed – check back in April/May for updates!

January 2020 I embarked on a journey to get yoga certified. I went in with the intention to deepen my practice physically and mentally. Little did I know just how much this would impact me with so much growth and change! Some of us knew each other from the studio, others were complete strangers but within a few weeks, we felt like sisters sharing the most intimate details of our lives with lots of laughing and crying!

We soon realized that while we are all different we are the same in so many ways! This training has pushed me well outside my comfort zone in ways that I never imagined or would have run away from if given the opportunity. Now it’s coming to an end (just this training – my yoga practice will go on forever!) and we are graduating with a charity based donation class on March 28, 2020, where all 19 of us will teach! Whoo! Hoo!

The charity that we chose is Mallory’s Army. This one is near to my heart as my daughter was friends and gymnastics buddies with Mallory before she took her life from bullying at the age of 12. Mallory’s parents turned their pain into a mission to create awareness of this epidemic of bullying and suicide among our children today by educating our schools and parents on the importance of being kind. Mallory’s Law is being created with all funds that are raised to BLUE OUR BULLYING!

If you are in the Cranford NJ area I invite you to come to our Home Giving, we will also have raffles and prizes after class that you are welcome to come to as well if you can’t make the class! Or you can donate directly online to our Go Fund Me Page. Together we can help BLUE OUT BULLYING and spare another young life.